Oh, What a Day it's Been

Step by
 left foot
 Ocean waves hello,
Dragging a stick in the sand as I go,
Oh, what a day it's been ...

With shovel and pail while the sun was still high,
I built my kingdom there,
Tide's creeping up, castle-keepers beware,
Oh, what a day it's been ...

Could anybody ask for more,
A crystal shore, a seashell floor?
Nothing to answer, nothing to fear,
Draw a line in the sand and watch it disappear.

Orangey sky, twilight arrives,
Ocean bathes my feet,
Useless to me, fling this stick out to sea,
Oh, what a day it's been ...
Story of my life.

February 2008, Starbucks, Shrewsbury St, Worcester, Mass: I saw a newspaper story about quarterback Tom Brady getting out of a cab. A New Yorker told him excitedly, 'no joke my dog is named Tom Brady!' Brady sighed and told the cab driver, 'story of my life'.

It got me wondering about the story of my life ...

I remembered full days as a boy at Long Beach, New York ...

scratching marks, building sand castles ...

until my story – a day at the beach – is done.

Could anybody ask for more?

 Oh, What a Day it's Been from
 Portraits CD collection of 13 songs, 2012, Purchase Now
 (L. Strauss, guitar, voice)

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