Me and my friends had us this party Saturday,
We had some food and played the games we like to play,
You were uninvited and you had the nerve to stay,
I could never act that way, I'd only plainly say,

that Mosquito, I hate you,
I was going along just fine,
Then I find out that you're about from the pain you leave behind,
Oh, Mosquito I hate you,
Ever done one lick of good?
It ain't enough for you to suck my blood, you spit poison in the wound,
Just like a son of satan would.

I know that you are with me from the buzzing that I hear,
I swing and sway and swat and slap my own left ear,
I think I finally got you, then the truth comes loud and clear,
You're Bronx cheering me in the other ear.

Oh, Mosquito, I hate you ...

I think I found the answer which is only right and lawful,
One of us will be alright, the other feeling awful,
Me? I'm kicking back. You? You'll hack and cough,
I've got my can of beer, I've got my can of Off.

Oh, Mosquito, I hate you ...

Some days you read about a football player and a dog sharing the same name, and naturally you write about the beach ... other days you are so up: the weather's warm, the sun is shining, you get your guitar to try a walking-in-the- sunshine-sing-a-little-sunshine-song song, and you can't get away from the mosquitoes.

 Mosquito from
 Portraits CD collection of 13 songs, 2012, Purchase Now
 (L. Strauss, guitar, voice)

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