Portraits is available:
  • · free for streaming in the Nimbit music player (requires recent Adobe Flash [if not installed you'll see a spinning "loading" symbol])
  • · for purchase as mp3 files (.89 for individual tracks, $10 for the album) in the Nimbit music player
  • · or as a limited edition CD ($20 + $2.29 shipping):
  •   Alternate art, front, back and disc (alternate front covers shown, above; alternate art elements cannot be specified)
  •   Numbered, stamped and signed by Lawrence Strauss
  •   Comes with documentation of ownership, so when you order, please specify in whose name you'd like ownership
  •   CD cases come in resealable mylar bags for protection
  •   Appropriate for gift-giving
  •   Order Portraits limited edition CD online
  •   Or checks may be made out/mailed to:
  •   Lawrence Strauss, 249 Mower Street, Worcester, MA 01602

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